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Kevin--wise as always, reminding me to get serious about some of my own pursuits. My novel is still just 10% finished after five years. Maybe we can have a healthy and friendly competition to see who gets published first. In the meantime, how about you come visit Beijing and I'll buy you a beer (or 100 beers)!


I may take you up on that - both the beer and novel competition. :) I need to see China (and a lot of places). I think this feeling and spirit goes way beyond Facebook, and more into time maximization. I find myself intoxicated with how much there is to do - I feel young again, but also like it's a mature enthusiasm at the same time. And know that you're one of the people I think of when I need to fire myself up. I've always admired you - and I'm humbled if I've encouraged the same feelings of pursuit in you. :)

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